Stephane Humbert Lucas

Stephane Humbert Lucas Paris was created in 2012.

The creator, Stéphane, is a painter and poet who is touched by a rare natural phenomenon called synaesthesia. Furthermore, this phenomenon allows him to associate each color with a particular smell.

when Stéphane studied tempera painting, which is a technique of mixing colours, that many olfactory inspirations developed in him.

Passionate and animated by painting and perfumery, which are a perfect combination, Stéphane first launched a boutique in Paris in the heart of Rue Quincampoix, where each painting presented its own perfume. An absolutely magical sensory experience.

A fateful meeting with the famous perfumer Henri Sorsana (one of the noses of L’Artisan Parfumeur and Réminiscence) led Stephane to launch his own brand and to express his artistic ambivalence by using his synesthesia to create complex fragrances.

Stephane Humbert Lucas Paris provides an outlet for the creator’s artistic expression, allowing him to unleash his creativity without making any marketing compromises.

The creator progressively inscribes touches of color, musical notes, poetry, and images onto a blank canvas for each creation.

To achieve this, imagine big, think outside the box, break cultural barriers, and unite people together. Furthermore, always go further in beauty and quality. These are the brand values of Stephane Humbert Lucas Paris.




John Grossmith founded Grossmith in London in 1835. Moreover, through a fascinating story of discovery, heritage, and revival, Grossmith is once again a great perfume house, operating globally and owned and run by the Brooke family, descendants of John Grossmith, the founder. Simon Brooke, the great-great grandson of the founder, John Grossmith, was unaware of the Grossmith story as his family had never discussed it.

His interest in genealogy led him to discover that his family was descended from an old English farming family who founded the perfume house. Further research revealed the establishment of the perfume house, its roots as a grower and supplier of perfumery oils, its significant royal connections and, most fortuitously, a cousin with two of the formula books. Simon Brooke, the 5th generation of the family, and his wife Amanda run the brand today. Additionally, Kate and Elenor Brooke, the 6th generation of the family, also manage the brand. The recreation of three of its iconic classic perfumes, the development of fragrances associated with royal events, and the creation of new, modern fragrances for the twenty-first century have restored Grossmith to its former glory.


Nayassia invites our immersion into an artistic universe, engraved with sensitivity, elegance and gentleness. Inscribed in the tradition of French perfumery, the Nayassia brand is the fruit of the meeting of its cofounders, Fella Cherchali and Eric Torchet, two globetrotters with a passion for travel, perfume and words. Their paths cross many times in Paris Montreal, New York, Dubai… Creating a brand of perfume through the artistic prism of Fella and that of Eric, oriented towards savoir-faire, beauty and luxury was a foregone conclusion.

Linking fiction and reality, Nayassia takes possession of the evocative power of great stories and famous tales to give body to its two first collections of rare and daring eaux de parfum, Plume d’Occident and Plumes d’Orient. Colorful, vibrant, and moving, the collection “Plume d’Occident” tells a story of life’s layers and instants of exception. It tells of an odyssey, of future promises, of love on Long Island… Radiant, profound, and spellbinding, the collection “Plumes d’Orient” revisits the Oriental tales and the magnificence of the Orient. Nayassia’s perfumes take us to a world of wisdom and harmony with intense fragrances inspired by the Orient.



In 1812, Bruno Court created the House of Brecourt in Grasse, which is a historical reference in exclusive perfumery. The originality of its creations and its attraction for customisation attracted the European and Russian aristocracy, who travelled thousands of kilometres to have their perfume made to measure. Additionally, we should note that Emilie Bouge belongs to the 4th generation of perfumers in Grasse, and her grandparents were the owners of the Bruno Court house. She invested her talent for the brand and played a vital role in evolving modern exclusive perfumery towards personalization.

In 2009, the Brecourt brand was created. Over time, Emilie Bouge has succeeded in refining the formulation technique they seek, and they have built their own workshops in Grasse to control the manufacturing phases and enable them to achieve their goal of excellence. Today, Brecourt assembles high quality perfumes in the traditional way in their own workshop in Grasse, maintaining their commitment to design. The company developed a specific formulation method over the last ten years to create the fragrances. Therefore, today they can offer a solution that allows you to personalize your perfume, either by modifying its intensity or by adding emotional materials, without denaturing its signature.