Salvatore Ferragamo, irresistible icon of fashion. A global luxury house founded in 1927 still renowned for the timeless character of unique masterpieces. The core values of the brand still endure today. Every product is made in Italy and carries the very essence of Salvatore Ferragamo: creativity, excellence, quality and Italian style.

“I came at last to Florence…I wandered the city… I strolled through the soft summer night and felt the impact of its great beauty…in this beautiful city, with its centuries of wealth in art and its long traditions of noble leatherwork…perhaps in Florence I might realize my dream”

“the shoemaker of dreams”

Salvatore Ferragamo chose to draw from this unlimited source of inspiration: igniting his innate genius with his passion, he gave form to the most visionary creations.

The perfect balance between modernity and tradition, high quality and creativity. The most excellent materials, such as genuine leather, encounter the contemporaneity of the satin metals through the highest craftsmanship.

An olfactive journey through the most refined and precious ingredients blended into authentic and unique creations. The encounter between art and nature, synthesis of supreme creative talent.




La Maison Lavin

LANVIN was founded in 1889 as the result of the visionary genius of one woman: Jeanne Lanvin. The longest lasting Parisian couture and beauty house has captured the senses of discerning women and men around the world.

Le Bleu Lanvin

A great admirer of art and an inveterate collector, jeanne Lanvin had a true passion for colour. Thus, she opened her own Dye factory dedicated to colour experimentation in 1923. Since then, the colour blue has become one of the brand’s Symbols and is still very prevalent in Lanvin’s collections, accessories, and universe.


Orange Ambre

Green tea, lotus blossom, sheer vanilla & orange peel.



Oscar De La Renta is a New York based Fashion House founded in 1965.

De la Renta has dressed celebrities around the world for decades, establishing the quality of his clothes and making it Synonymous with success and luxurious living.

Oscar de la Renta’s aesthetic is recognized as being timeless, often used as a frame of reference for other designers and Inspiring new styles.

Oscar De la Renta is a man of many passions. From fashion and fragrance to art, gardening and design.

He personifies elegance, not only in his demeanor but in his view of fashion. He rose to the top of his art with a unique And effectual style.

– A dynamic combination of the vivacious and refined.

Oscar de la Renta once dreamed od creating a perfume that in one drop captured all of the joy and sophistication of his Designs. Always using the finest ingredients, Oscar De La Renta offers a complete collection of fragrances for both Women and men.



In 1960 he founded Graff diamonds and in 1962 the first two retail stores opened in London –the first was on Brompton road.

In 1967, keen to reach an international clientele, Laurence Graff began a series of journeys and exhibitions around the globe.

“I have always been fascinated by diamonds. I remember looking at them, studying them closely to understand their purity, and the way they had been cut.
 It was an inherent feeling that has turned into a lifelong passion.”
Laurence Graff

It is often quoted that Laurence Graff has handled more important diamonds than any other diamantaire of our time, possibly of any time.

These include both noble, historic diamonds of the past, and astonishing new discoveries, destined to be the famous diamonds of the future

For over half a century Graff has represented the rarest gemstones in the world

Graff remains a family company headquartered in London

More than 60% of the world’s largest diamonds in this century were sourced and created by Graff

GRAFF – The Scent

Inspired by the fruits and citrus growing on the Graff vineyard in south africa, Cara cara orange is unisex and refreshing with a warm galinard finish, Leaving a memorable hook.





Nayassia invites our immersion into an artistic universe, engraved with sensitivity, elegance and  gentleness. Inscribed in the tradition of French perfumery, the Nayassia brand is the fruit of the meeting of its cofounders, Fella Cherchali and Eric Torchet, two globetrotters with a passion for travel, perfume and words. Their paths cross many times in Paris Montreal, New York, Dubai… Creating a brand of perfume through the artistic prism of Fella and that of Eric, oriented towards savoir-faire, beauty and luxury was a foregone conclusion. Linking fiction and reality, Nayassia takes possession of the evocative power of great stories and famous tales to give body to its two first collections of rare and daring eaux de parfum, Plume d’Occident and Plumes d’Orient. Colourful, vibrant, moving, the collection “Plume d’Occident” tells a story of life’s layers and instants of exception. It tells of an odyssey, of future promises, of love on Long Island… Radiant, profound, spellbinding, the collection “Plumes d’Orient” revisits the oriental tales and the magnificence of the Orient. Beyond what is well-known, each perfume of Nayassia leads us into a marvellous and intense world where the words of men and women of the Orient become a melody intertwining wisdom and harmony…




The Bulgari Philosophy

Travelling the world in search of the mosrt previous essences. We crafted a collection of exclusive luxury products inspired by the evocative scent of tea. Dedicated to those who seek unique moments of pure bliss, the Bulgari Parfum Hotel line is the ultimate sensory journey, made available in the most exclusive hotels of the world, promising each guest a memorable and indulgent experience.


In 1992, Bulgari launches the iconic Eau Parfumee au The Vert Fragrance, a pure reflection of Bulgari’s Roman
heritage, characterized by a prowerful green tea accord and a distinctive, unmistakable design. As a homage to this timeless signature, the Bulgari Parfums Hotel Line Collection inherited from most of the Eau de Cologne’s attributes: a proud and elegant golden neck looking over sharp beveled shoulders, a refreshing color, and an iconic gold tea flower print evoking memories of the Japanese Tea ceremony.

Refreshing & Awakening

A revitalizing scent homage to Japanese Green Tea with a bright and exclusive Citrus Floral accord, awakening the senses
with a burst of freshness: a vital expression of refined elegance through everday gestures and rituals.


Italian Bergamot Green Pepper
HEART NOTES Grean Tea Accord Cardamom
Dry Down Notes Beeswax Tonka Bean

Assortments available in 40ml, 75ml and 300ml


As of 2022, all 40ml & 75ml bottles (caps & labels excluded) are produces from 100% postconsumer recycled

300ml Bottle (pump excluded) made of 97% post consumer recycled PET* with the 3% left being colorants.


01/ Reuse
Generalize Recycled

Less Waste



Our renewed assortment will allow us to substitute about 5 million of virgin plastic bottles with recycled ones
equivalent to substituiting 59 tons of virgin plastic in the upcoming months (from September 2021 to end of


Combining Heritage, Italian Design and Excellence


The Ecovadis label is the only universal sustainability rating provider. It evaluates the CSR performance of a
company considering the 4 below themes:

Environment                   Ethics

Labor & human rights    Sustainable procurement 


Recycled PET supplier & 300ml labels’ supplier
300ml pump supplier and 40ml & 75ml cap supplier
Last LVMH environmental audit



The products we develop comply with the strictest legislations throughout the world, while also meeting our internal development criteria and the most stringent quality, traceability and safety constraints.
For perfumes, this uncompromising commintment also involves following the IFRA (International FragranceAssociation) standards updated regularly (around every 2 years) in order to monitor the evolution of toxicological and/or environmental data relating to perfumery ingredients and raw materials.


Reformulations of perfumes are intended to adjust the composition of concentrates by replacing certain ingredients or by decreasing their concentraton.
These regulations are regularly updated in order to monitor the evolution of science on the safety of perfumery ingredients a
nd to ensure a high level of protection both for consumers and for the environment.


The significant number of reformulations of our fragrance concentrates reflects the LVMH group’s desire to comply with IFRA standards for each fragrance concentrate, guaranteeing quality and safety for you and your clients.


Fine pefrumery is an art mastered by our Noses which requires a balanced selection of ingredients to obtain a perfect harmony of olfactory notes.




Part of the Maison Hermes story since the 1930’s, le Parfum became a metier in 1951 alongside the other Hermes metiers. Driven by an arts and crafts approach, the Hermes Parfum metier is the fruit of a dialogue between artistic sensitivity, the quality of the raw materials and the excellence to the savoirfaire, a perfumer Christine Nagel. Each fragrance tells a story, expresses and emotion, opens us up to an imaginary world. Freespirited, daring, contemporary and elegant, the Hermes Parfum mètier is emblematic of a style, an art of living,
a personality.



A Hermes Art of Living

The Hermes fragrance rituals are a feast of sensations and colors: see, touch and smell a mosaic of perfumes gestures for
men and women alike. Simple and immediate pleasure, elegance in motion, a generous rush of freshness, the sensoriality
of the material: the world of Hermes opens up to everyone with radiance. 

For its hotels offer, Hermes Parfum has selected three of its emblematic lines, reflecting the house’s multifaceted. Art of living. An invitation to travel, to share and to discover sensations through fresh and sparkling scents.

Eau d’Orange, the original Hermes Cologne, distinguished by its singular freshness, Eau de Citron Noir, a comtemporary Cologne, an explosive and elegant chiaroscuro composition,

Un Jardin sur Le Nil, a generous and sparkling Eau de Toilette, a green and refreshing stroll.
An olfactory selection that expresses the soul and elegance of Hermes, reserved for a selection of hotels around
the world.

A more sustainable approach

As part of its development policy, Hermes Parfum has developed its offer for hotels.
Large sizes are favored in order to reduce the use of plastic. The bottles are also made entirely from recycled* and
recyclable plastic.
Finally, the lid has evolved, becoming monomaterial in recycable plastic.

A bathroom essential

The hotels collection can consists of six to eight products depending on the olfaction:

  • Hair and Body Shower Gel: delicately perfumed, the skin is soft and the hair shiny.
  • Shampoo: a formula that transforms into a light and pleasant foam, easy to rinse. The hair is delicately perfumed.
  • Hair Conditioner: a soft, creamy formula that leaves hair delicately scented.
  • Perfumes Soap: cleans and delicately perfumes the skin without drying it.
  • Hand and Body Cleansing Gel: a smooth perfumed formula enriched with moisturizing agents which transforms
    into a pleasant and easily rinsed lather.
  • Mositurizing Body Lotion: a fluid formula which is quickyly absorbed. The skin is moisturized, soft, supple and
    delicately perfumed.
  • Body Moisturizing Balm: moisturizing and protective, this smooth balm rich is hydrating and emollient agents
    soothes the skin and offers and immediate sensation of comfort, making it feel supple and soft.
  • NoRinse Cleansing Gel Gentle On Hands: an everyday essential, this gentle hand cleansing gel is rinsefree.


The original Cologne created by Françoise Caron in 1979 and inspired by the earthy aromas of damp undergrowth on a dewy morning; Eau d’Orange Verte is distinguished by its singular freshness.

An explosion of citrus notes where orange plays the main role among zests, flowers and leaves, in harmony with mandarin, lemon, mint leaves and blackcurrant bud. The bright and green freshness or orange combined with woody undertones.


Inspired by the universality of the Hermes original Cologne, Eau d’Orange Verte, Christine Nagel wanted to bring a Contemporary, explosive and elegant style to the classic theme of Cologne.

Eau de Citron Noir offers a singular and paradoxical imprint, a suprisingly longlasting crystalline freshness.

The striking, sharp vivacity of lemons is combined with the subtle smoky depth of Gaiac wood and the woody notes of
black tea. A chiaroscuro expression in a dark, clean and radical blue.


Freespirited olfactory strolls from one garden to another, the Hermes collection of ParfumsJardins illustrades authentic encounters between the spirit of Hermes, the soul of a place and the designer.

Un Jardin sur Le Nil evokes a sensory stroll along the banks of the Nile where water and dry , green and fruit meet. A garden of life, generous and sparkling, where the scents of sharp green mango and delicate lotus flower mingle with the power of sycamore wood. A fruity, green and woody fragrance ritual, a refreshing ode to share.