Mortal Skin

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Mortal Skin

Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Sensation to touch an exotic, hot and cold snake, a phantasmagorical smell.


1st act - Top notes

The perfume, languid and colourful, hypnotises me.
I am facing two eyes that desire me.
Leafy coolness, fruits, magic of the encounter.
The seduction complies.


2nd act  - Heart notes


The perfume rises up and paralyses me.
The fangs ooze, wanting to sink into me.
Throbbing heat mixed with blue cold, I think I am bitten.
Sandalwood, tequila, intoxication


3rd act - Base notes


Bestiality, brutality, journey.
The perfume smells of hot ash.
Life slips away.
It now knows that all is beautiful.


Concentration: 24% Perfume Extrait



Blackberry – Ink – Galbanum – Incense – Cistus
Leather - Opoponax – Iris – Saffron - Davana – Myrrh - Cardamom
Ambergris – Styrax – Santal – Labdanum - Atlas Cedar – Birch - Musk