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Rosa Gallica



For the first edition of the Ephémère line, I wanted to compose with the Queen of Flowers, the one present at life's most intense moments, the one often seen adorning cradles or flowering the hand which brings a declaration of love. It invokes the luxury, nobility and purity of sentiments.

I wanted to push these values to their extreme by searching for the purest of roses: the original rose.


Rosa Gallica, or French Rose, is the mother of all roses; all the others known today have a share of its genes. It was already cultivated in antiquity and Anacreon evoked its fragrance in his poems, six centuries before Christ.

However, for a very long time this rose had totally disappeared from perfumers' records (I think maybe it had never figured there); only hybrid versions can still be found.

By chance, I found a producer who shares my love and respect of flowers and harvests Rosa Gallica in central Europe, where it still grows wild and organic.



I associated it with a harmony of dry woods, precious and rarely used in fragrances, following a very streamlined formula to accentuate the strength of its message and the addictive effect procured by this rose.



Pink pepper, incense
Rosa Gallica, Myrrh
Gray amber, ebony wood, cashmere wood