Stéphane Humbert Lucas

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The Odyssey of Stéphane Humbert Lucas

A cap of honeycombed metal, vaulted dome, pointing sharply
A crystalline artifact with limpid curves
A crown forged of a triple 7, pierced with an aigrette of refinement
A small multi-faceted stone
Extracts of perfume with vertical fragrances.

Elucidate the movements of beauty.

Stéphane Humbert Lucas, synesthesic perfumer, ventures into a new form of expression in a high-end perfume.

The creation relies on the purity of the elements, their refinement a product of constant observation of what is perceptible.

Fond of slogans and keywords, Stéphane Humbert Lucas makes them sharper. His perpetual quest of the absolute has led him to search for the symbol, the banner, the crest.

"Gradually, over many years, I have observed the world as a whole, a whole block, a whole invisible rock and yet full of remarkable individuals, names of patriarchs, crowned heads, tribal chiefs covered in honors, all accountable, all driven by an indelible faith. I am drawn by this fervor, this motricity of soul beyond the appearances."