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« Summer 1983, after a long crossing, I arrive in France in the charming

fishing village of Sète.

I am 7 years old. I can see only the sea. It is everywhere. Its backwash brings

a bit of my childhood and the images that bind me to it. That year the garden

colours of the family home in Algiers are regularly erased from my mind yet I

hold to them more than my own life.

So I begin to tame a little imaginary feather that, whenever I wish, brings

back the sensations of my past. I only need a scent to make it appear and my

treasure is all around me.

There have been many other departures, to Paris, to Zurich, to Montreal, to

Dubai - each time to live a part of life. Armed with this feather, I no longer

feared forgetting my memories».


Fella Cherchali