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From her itinerant childhood, the creator of the perfume house NAYASSIA, Fella Cherchali, retains a particular sensitivity for expressing her passion for words, for perfumes, for grand stories.

We often know artists through their works, NAYASSIA invites us to discover their more intimate facets. Correspondence, editorials, autobiographic texts nourished the imagination of Fella who transposed these fragments of life following the whims of the perfumers’ organ. 

A liaison between fiction and reality, NAYASSIA takes on the evocative power of words to give body to her first collection of rare and audacious Eau de Parfums, Plume d’Occident.


The collection begins with 6 perfumes of enigmatic and history- charged names.

Terre Blanche - Hymne à l’Amour - Swinging London 

Sakountala - Bevin House - Brothers in Art