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..was a native of Sybaris, antiquity’s voluptuous city, now Calabria in southern Italy.

Sybarites were advanced for its time, its policies and the way to live, knowing to associate pleasure with work, arts, quality of life, harmonious coexistence with nature and well-being.

If you know someone who’s totally devoted to sensuality and all of life’s pleasures, call her a SYBARITE.

MAISON SYBARITE IS THE FIRST WATER-BASED FINE FRAGRANCES BRAND. Free of ethyl alcohol, chemical solvents, texturing agents, cruelty free - eco conscious.


Our Fine fragrances created in France by master perfumers Antoine Lie and Laure Santantoni.


Our challenge was obtaining a safe and stable scientific basis for the next generation perfume, while enhancing the olfactory sensation and preserving the smell sensitivity.

We took advantage of microemulsion (oil in water-O/W) to avoid the most commonly used solvent ethanol.

The high concentration level of the aromatic compounds 16% ensures the intensity of the fragrance on the skin.

Our company is committed to qualitysafety and sustainability, using environmentally-friendly methods.
The packaging is mindfully conceived with a minimalistic approach, recyclable and printed on paper from sustainable forests.